Natural Sausage Casings from Almol

Natural casings offer many advantages over artificial casings for sausage makers, retailers and consumers. Almol Australasia Casings provides a comprehensive range of sheep, hog and beef casings and bungs at different specifications. Having been in the business of natural casings for over 40 years, we take great pride in the quality and consistency of our product.

Advantages of Natural Casings for Consumers:
  • Visually appealing on the shelf, pan/BBQ and plate creating an enticing meal
  • Superior taste resulting from the mixing of flavours through the casing during cooking
  • The good health and peace of mind that comes from eating food made from natural ingredients
  • Flavour as you intended, natural casings do not introduce conflicting flavours
  • That special "snap" and tender bite
  • Sausages stay juicy and tender for longer
Advantages of Natural Casings for Retailers:
  • All the benefits of satisfied customers
  • The endothermic quality draws heat from the sausage and is below the temperature of surrounding air, providing better shelf-life and maintaining a juicier, fresher appearance
  • The term "Natural" continues to be one of the most powerful words influencing the purchasing patterns of consumers
  • A sausage in a natural casing has an nice curve with a well-filled look and smooth link ends
Advantages of Natural Casings for Sausage Makers:
  • All the benefits of satisfied retailers and consumers
  • Excellent characteristics of elasticity and tensile strength, to allow for high efficiency production and expansion during filling and maximum yields
  • Natural casings readily permit deep smoke penetration
Natural casings are best - the proof is in the sausage; even companies that use artificial casings, predominantly still use natural casings for their high quality gourmet sausage lines.

We also have the very best in net (artificial) casings from Hukki.

Natural Casings Associations

Almol is a member of both ANSCA (Australian Natural Sausage Casing Association) and INSCA (International Natural Sausage Casing Association). INSCA alone has has spent almost 2 million dollars on R&D in recent years. Innovations have made natural casings more consistent, stricter in size, better in quality, easier to use, more efficient and completely safe verified by globally approved HACCP programs.

Recent advances in technology have all but eliminated the difficulties and significantly increased the profitability of producing natural casing sausages. The challenge then is to make this knowledge more freely available to decision makers of meat processing enterprises.

Almol Support & Expertise

With 40 years of experience in natural casings and an active role in INSCA/ANSCA, Almol Australasia Casings also provide their expertise in implementing efficient natural sausage casing processing lines.

Before studying the numerous kinds of natural casings, it's important to understand that casings can vary in quality. It is the sausage manufacturer's purpose that determines the requirements of the casing.

These variables include:
  1. Equipment used for filling
  2. Type(s) of sausage being manufactured
  3. Coarseness of the fill
While Almol remains focused on the production of quality natural sausage casings, we regularly provide in depth support to our clients to ensure they are able to fully realise the benefits of our natural sausage casings on their processing lines. At Almol, this support and expertise is part of our ongoing commitment to quality service for all our clients.

Almol Quality & Consistency

Almol is HACCP approved (license no 3532) and utilizes a high tech facility in Botany, Sydney with another even larger facility currently under construction in Matraville.

In addition to our annual attendance at INSCA, representatives of Almol visit overseas clients on average three times a year ensuring our knowledge and contact with the international market is continually maintained. The stringent level of hygiene and quality control which we maintain has allowed us to export to the strictest international markets.

Almol’s involvement in the development of our product from the site of slaughter to the market ensures that our product is of the highest grade and quality. This process ensures that our clients receive a standardized and reliable product which complies with Almol’s stringent quality control requirements.