Company Profile


Who are We?  

Almol, Al who? You may not know our name, but most likely you have used our product.  

Almol is a 100% Australian owned and run company and is one of Australia’s leading producers and suppliers specialising in natural casings.  

Established in 1969 with its head office in Botany NSW, Almol has grown to become a market leader in the field of casings and a well-respected member of the meat industry.  

We have a number of affiliated sister companies and distributors right around Australia and the world. Together we work to provide the best possible Casings and related product for our clients.

Our name originates from a newlywed dream of starting their own company a combination of their names came together. AL (Alf) and Mol (molly) = Almol

Celebrating Over 40 Years  

This Year Almol Casings Turned 40 Years Old which is still young compared to ALMOL’s CEO and founder, Alf Moses experience. He is working in the meat industry since 1954 and is one of the most experienced casing experts in the market. With over 50th year service he provides a lifetime of experience.  

Behind the Scenes  

We strive to achieve the best possible result in every aspect of our business.  Our processing equipment, quality control procedures, IT systems, attention to detail and prompt, efficient resolution of problems along with our team of highly trained, dedicated staff ensure that our client’s needs are satisfied.  

Food Safety  

ALMOL operates under a strict Approved Export Standard Operating Procedures (‘SOP’) developed & monitored by AQIS in accordance with export regulations.  These procedures cover all aspects of the receipt, handling, storage, distribution, product integrity, health, hygiene and hazard analysis critical control points (‘HACCP’).

Try us today  

At Almol, casings and related products are our livelihood.  

Through experience, dedication and a commitment to excellence, we are able to provide our clients the highest quality casings and related products/services at competitive prices.