Cleaning Screens - Micaf with Standard Fixed Scraper Drum
The cleaning screen is a machine specifically designed for the solid-liquid separation of sewage. It is widely used in all systems that require high-capacity separators. This machine is easily installed and it does not require any labour for its operation. Maintenance and energy consumption are reduced to the minimum. This machine can be used for various applications which include the food and livestock industry, wine industry, tanneries and paper mills. Within the civil field, it can be used for water and mud treatment.

Cleaning Screens - Micaf with Mobile Scraper Drum
The cleaning screen with the mobile blade is a machine specifically designed to screen particularly thick sewage, or sewage with suspended particles that could obstruct the filtering drum of a conventional cleaning screen. The particular movement of the scraping blade, tangent to the filtering drum and the high-pressure interior washing, continuously clean the machine and therefore improve its performance. It can be used in many different fields, such as food, fruit and vegetable processing and meat and fish processing industries as well as slaughterhouses. It can also be used in other sectors such as tanneries, paper mills and wine industries.