Welcome to Almol Equipment

We specialize in the consulting, designing and manufacturing of machines for processing animal by-products and complete lines for intestine operations for beef, pig and sheep processing plants. Our unique machines manufactured in Europe are designed to satisfy medium and large productions in compliance with the strictest regulations on safety, quality, noise and hygiene.

We have supplied meat processing equipment to plants owned by the following clients:
  • H.W Greenham and Sons
  • Prime Meat
  • Loddon County Lamb
  • Cargill Meat Processors
  • Midfield Meat International
  • Swift Australia
  • Jarvis A.N.Z.
  • Jarvis Equipment
  • Harvey Industries Group
  • Almol Casings
  • Primo Scone Abattoir
  • Cargill Beef Australia
  • KR Darling Downs