Almol Group Of Companies Launches New Website - 10/12/09

The Almol group of companies has launched a new website that provides detailed information on the collective range of products offered by the group. This includes natural and artificial sausage casings, meat processing equipment and many other related products and services.

Managing Director David Moses remarked “We have always taken pride in the personalized service that we provide to all our customers and this will continue. The new website is designed to extend this commitment with a convenient reference point on our growing range of products“.

The new website is accessible at

About Almol Holdings

Almol Holdings Pty Ltd was founded in 1969 by Alf & Molly Moses as an Australian producer, wholesaler, exporter, importer & distributor of natural casings. Over the last 40 years, the Almol group of companies has expanded into artificial casings, meat processing equipment and property management. Almol remains a family run business servicing the Australian and international meat industry.

Phone: +61 2 9666 6755